astrangeone (astrangeone) wrote,
astrangeone, let me show you my newest crafting obsession!

Stamps - and lots of them.

Mini Tutorial

- lino cutters (Speedball is a brand...)
- image (...use an old laserjet printer)
- acetone
- cuter blades (#1 is the finest)
- rubber erasers

Print out the image. Use the acetone to transfer the image (just like the temporary tattoos). Peel off before it dries - otherwise the paper is impossible to get off. Start cutting the image - for white/negative space, carve deeper. Start off with shallow cuts and then work deeper. I like to trace around the image and then cut deeper. Test stamp your stamp, and then clean up any mistakes that you made!

Congratulations, you have an unique image to decorate with!

Also, it's dangerously addictive.
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