astrangeone (astrangeone) wrote,

Stores I've Lost Patience With...

1) Best Buy - their Geek Squad is pretty damn unprofessional. Asking their opinion on a older machine results in the party line of "why don't you buy a new one?". They love selling their software and hardware, but not their services - and heaven help you if you don't look like you know anything about electronics, because they will send the one experienced salesperson to push stuff that you don't need at you.

2) Factory Direct - their stuff is incredibly cheap but never in stock. Loss leaders (things that are advertised in their flyers) are never ever in stock. I've bought off-branded flash drives from them, and had both of them fail from disk errors at the same time. Also, the employees seem to want to cheat you --> the one time I bought SRAM from them, I got some piece of shit thing that looked like memory but caused my computer to hang every time it's installed.

3) My Heart Lingerie - chinese run franchise that is based in Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario. The staff are unfriendly to anyone over a size 4 and over a B cup. The selection is terrible, and the bras suffer from the "cone boob" syndrome. Ick.

4) McDonald's - I don't know if it's the economy or something, but now all McDonald's seem to be doing the ketchup packet/condiment thing only if you ask specially for it. As a pepper maniac, I tend to pepper the stuffing out of my food, and asking for extra seems like a shitty move.

5) Any Snooty Tea Place - Teatopia, I'm looking at you. You act as if you know everything about tea, and when an Asian person walks into your store, your employees get all haughty and shit. No - not all Asian persons want to "prove" their knowledge of tea - calm down and get your corporate bloated ass out of the tea business if you are so insecure about your own products.
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