astrangeone (astrangeone) wrote,

Grocery Store Sucks...

Change Sucks!

My dad left the store with all of the petty cash (eg. about five twentys). Also, Canadian has phased out the old paper money with new ones with holographic anti-counterfieting measures built in.

Cue Nasty Young Guy's entrance. I'm serving another customer who doesn't speak English, and I'm finally finished with the charades game that is serving her, and I look up to see NYG slam 3 bottles of Mountain Dew on the counter.

He immediately starts waving money in my face. "Can you change this?"

It's an old bill, and I say I can't give NYG some change on account of how there isn't any in the fracking drawer. He freaks the frack out, and starts cursing and complaining "Why won't any local businesses break his bill?".

Because, you fucknut, all of the local businesses are privately owned, and they don't want to take a potential loss on stock and a bad bill!

Nipples and A/C!

It's cold in the store because we have the air conditioning on in order to prevent the chocolate bars from transfiguring into chocolate fondue.

You, nutty female customer should know that certain parts of a female's anatomy reacts to being cold. You don't have to react so stupidly - and complained about my nipplage. I have no control over parts of my anatomy! Seriously.

When your customer suggests that you should "wear a padded bra"...

I'm a lesbian, but stiff nipples when I serve you does not mean I'm attracted or masturbating in the back.

GTFO of my store!
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