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The Crafty Dyke

'Cuz sometimes we like to do other things with our hands!

2/20/10 09:10 pm - ...so, let me show you my newest crafting obsession!

Stamps - and lots of them.

Mini Tutorial

- lino cutters (Speedball is a brand...)
- image (...use an old laserjet printer)
- acetone
- cuter blades (#1 is the finest)
- rubber erasers

Print out the image. Use the acetone to transfer the image (just like the temporary tattoos). Peel off before it dries - otherwise the paper is impossible to get off. Start cutting the image - for white/negative space, carve deeper. Start off with shallow cuts and then work deeper. I like to trace around the image and then cut deeper. Test stamp your stamp, and then clean up any mistakes that you made!

Congratulations, you have an unique image to decorate with!

Also, it's dangerously addictive.

11/29/09 11:18 pm - Christmas gifts for the booze hounds out there!

Yeah, I tried filtering vodka with a brita filter. Turns out pretty nicely - I'm adding pomegrante aerials to the bottle and it smells impossibly good. I'm going to check on the aerials tomorrow (some of them are totally transparent now), and see if I need to strain a bit earlier. I feel like picking up another small mickey and dissolving dark chocolate chips in there.

Also, infusing dark rum (Bacardi Black) with ginger to add as a mixer to Coke....it tastes too good to leave with it.

6/14/09 11:27 pm - Agh...it's good to be home.

Been playing crazy amounts of Earthbound Zero/Mother 1. Am going to treat myself to the whole series soon, but RPG's suck a large ass amount of time.

Mother 1:
- slow grinding
- weird save points (a telephone?)
- bad inventory system (could be overlooked because it's an early RPG)

- crazy twists of plot (Magicant being a figment of imagination?)
- crazily catchy chiptunes (I find myself humming the final melody sometimes)

4/29/09 12:11 am - Sourdough Bread Baking

Sorry for the long hiatus, I had completely forgetten about this livejournal. I have been on a breadbaking kick.

Recipe for Sourdough Starter:
- clean glass jar (preferably widemouthed)
- paper lunch bag
- lid for glass jar (not tight fitting)
- all purpose unbleached flour
- warm water (I tend to boil mine and cool it down)

Sterilize your jar with boiling water, and put in equal parts of water and flour. Mix with a plastic spoon, and cover with the lid to the jar, and place in a dark place. The starter should react in a couple of days with frothiness and start to feel spongy. Stir it to make it g faster. If the hooch (grain alcohol) is any color other than gray, dump it out - it has gone bad!

*** I managed to kill my starter on the way back from university residence - the yeasts overheated in a bag and had a very nasty yellow tint to the hooch. I had some dried starter which I started with again.. ***

Recipe for Sourdough Drop Biscuits:
- 1 cup starter
- 1/3 cup vegetable oil
- 1 cup flour
- 3/4 teaspoon baking soda
- 1/4 teaspoon salt
- other flavour additions (I used a couple of sprinkles of Mrs Dash and in another batch, some italian seasoning)

Mix the starter with the oil. Sift together dry ingredients (salt can be increased if these are to be snacking biscuits or no gravy). Add to the oil and starter. Mix until fully incorporated. Drop by spoonfuls onto a baking pan, and bake at 350 for 20 minutes until fully done.

12/29/08 12:28 am - Stores I've Lost Patience With...

1) Best Buy - their Geek Squad is pretty damn unprofessional. Asking their opinion on a older machine results in the party line of "why don't you buy a new one?". They love selling their software and hardware, but not their services - and heaven help you if you don't look like you know anything about electronics, because they will send the one experienced salesperson to push stuff that you don't need at you.

2) Factory Direct - their stuff is incredibly cheap but never in stock. Loss leaders (things that are advertised in their flyers) are never ever in stock. I've bought off-branded flash drives from them, and had both of them fail from disk errors at the same time. Also, the employees seem to want to cheat you --> the one time I bought SRAM from them, I got some piece of shit thing that looked like memory but caused my computer to hang every time it's installed.

3) My Heart Lingerie - chinese run franchise that is based in Chinatown in Toronto, Ontario. The staff are unfriendly to anyone over a size 4 and over a B cup. The selection is terrible, and the bras suffer from the "cone boob" syndrome. Ick.

4) McDonald's - I don't know if it's the economy or something, but now all McDonald's seem to be doing the ketchup packet/condiment thing only if you ask specially for it. As a pepper maniac, I tend to pepper the stuffing out of my food, and asking for extra seems like a shitty move.

5) Any Snooty Tea Place - Teatopia, I'm looking at you. You act as if you know everything about tea, and when an Asian person walks into your store, your employees get all haughty and shit. No - not all Asian persons want to "prove" their knowledge of tea - calm down and get your corporate bloated ass out of the tea business if you are so insecure about your own products.

12/13/08 09:43 am - Exams exhaust me.

I really should not have exams that last so long. I'm on the state of constant nerves, and they are beginning to fray and affect my sleeping schedule. It's annoying.

12/1/08 04:14 pm - Adult Novelty Store Witnessed Suck

Dear Male Customer;

Harrassing the female cashier of an adult video/novelty store makes you look like a total loser. Furthermore, harrassing her to let you place a phone call to a likely "escort service" is bound to not end well. She did (even though it was likely against policy) - probably to get your ass out of the store.

Guess what? The "lady of the night" didn't answer. Because the adult novelty store clerk is female.

Yelling at her to try again isn't the proper response. And if the "lady of the night" isn't answering, you may have been a problem customer to her as well.

PS - I ended up rescueing the cashier by pressing three random numbers on my phone and then threatening to call emergency services if the asshat continued to stand there and berate her. He disappearred quicker than liquor at a frat boy party.

Reader's Digest Version: Male customer harrasses the cashier of an adult novelty store to phone a likely prostitute. The female cashier tries, but gets hung up on. More yelling commences, and we find out that the woman on the other end of the phone is not taking any calls from asshat.

8/7/08 04:40 pm - Because I'm a nerd - PostSecret Post!

Also, I suck at Photoshop - and yes, I'm using my personal photobucket for this...go ahead and look.

Yes, a Postsecret

6/13/08 05:32 pm - Anybody need a copy of Pokemon Diamond?

Yeah. I'm in Canada, and a friend of mine mistakenly got me another copy of Pokemon Diamond. I've made modifications to it (yay Pokesav), and it has all legends, all starters, all unowns, and all events are unlocked. (And 995 of each item!) At the beginning, your character hasn't even walked out of the house yet.

(You can finally catch Shaymin and the like in it.)

Just wondering if anyone wants it?

I'd consider a trade for the following:
- The World Ends With You (can't find a real copy in stores...here in Canada)
- Summon Night Twin Age

If this is not allowed, I'd unpost it.

* I need more rupees in real life...*sigh*

6/13/08 02:11 pm - Grocery Store Sucks...

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